How we set our regulatory priorities

The Conservation Regulator is committed to meeting all our regulatory responsibilities. Our work is state-wide, including protecting ecosystems and managing activities across almost 34,000km2 of state forest.

We identify and implement a set of regulatory priorities to ensure this work is focused on the problems that are causing the greatest harms to the environment and the areas the regulator can make the most difference. We publish our regulatory priorities so the Victorian community and stakeholders have transparency about where we will focus our efforts and what they can expect from us.

Understanding risk allows us to identify priority areas and design effective solutions. As we review our regulatory priorities, we work to improve our ability to determine how we can be most effective in protecting Victoria’s environment.

We do this by continuing to:

  • Collect, collate and analyse data
  • Identify emerging environmental and behavioural trends
  • Undertake targeted research
  • Collaborate with our regulatory partners
  • Consult with key stakeholders and the Victorian community