Message from the Minister

Message from the Minister

The Victorian Government’s commitment to implement all 227 recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (the Royal Commission) marked a turning point in the response to family violence. The intent is clear: family violence will not be tolerated, and all services will work together to build a future where all Victorians live free from family violence, and where women and men are treated equally and respectfully.

As the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, I am responsible for preparing an annual report on the government’s implementation of the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework (MARAM) — the approved family violence and risk assessment and management framework.

MARAM commenced in September 2018. This report covers the period from September 2018 to 30 June 2019.

All ministers with framework organisations within their portfolios have reported to me on the work being undertaken to align to MARAM. This report is consolidated from my portfolio report and the reports provided by:

  • The Hon. Ben Carroll MLA, Minister for Crime Prevention, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Youth Justice, Minister for Victim Support
  • The Hon. Luke Donnellan MLA, Minister for Child Protection
  • The Hon. Martin Foley MLA, Minister for Mental Health
  • The Hon. Jill Hennessy MLA, Attorney-General
  • The Hon. Lisa Neville MLA, Minister for Police and Emergency Services
  • The Hon. Marlene Kairouz MLA, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation
  • The Hon. Jenny Mikakos MLC, Minister for Health
  • The Hon. Richard Wynne MLA, Minister for Housing

There is, of course, much more going on than can be represented in one report. This consolidated report reflects the key areas of progress across departments, organisations and agencies.

Although only the first consolidated annual report on the implementation of MARAM, it is already evident that a significant breadth of work has been undertaken in the first year of operation.

The focus of work in this reporting period has been on laying the foundations for change across services that support Victorians, including Victoria Police, the Magistrates and Children’s Courts, child and family services and specialist family violence providers, among others. Policies and procedures are being put in place to enable the workforces within framework organisations to identify, assess and manage family violence risk.

Further training and resources are being developed to support workforces, with plans underway to continue the capability uplift through specialised training and provision of new services.

It is particularly exciting to see the service system actively engaging in collaborative practice — the need for an integrated service system being a primary need identified by the Royal Commission and identified in the MARAM Framework itself. Collaboration is taking place at all levels, from departments to individual professionals. Across the affected sectors communities of practice are promoting consistent and collaborative ways of working to ensure the entire system is contributing to keeping victim survivors safe and holding perpetrators accountable.

As we look to the future and the second year of implementation of these reforms, it is important to recognise that the work is not yet done. Alignment to MARAM requires a significant cultural change and development of a shared and sophisticated understanding of family violence, as well as practical application of the reforms through assessment and management of family violence risk. With 35,000 workers prescribed in this first phase of MARAM and a further potential 350,000 to follow in September 2020, all workforces, organisations and departments will need to continue to consider, refine and mature their approaches to enable an effective family violence system until the reforms are fully embedded.

Hon Gabrielle Williams MP

Minister for Prevention of Family Violence
Minister for Women
Minister for Youth