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Strategic Priorities for Emergency Management Volunteering in Victoria

Priority needs that will improve volunteer satisfaction and in turn, public safety in Victoria.


Resource details
Title Strategic priorities for emergency management volunteering in Victoria
Owner Emergency Management Victoria
Date last updated October 2015
Resource type Strategy

What is this about?

This strategy on priorities for emergency management volunteering in Victoria identifies thirteen common volunteer needs, and their value to volunteers.

The priorities were informed by the Volunteer Consultative Forum. These priorities are a strategic and business planning instrument for emergency management agencies across the sector, and to assist government.

The priorities are informed directly by volunteers and identify needs that require additional focus across the sector, some activities that need to be done better and some activities that require a new approach if we are to realize the shared goal of a sustainable emergency management system. 

Who is this resource for?

  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations

Table of contents

  • Implementation
  • Accountability
  • Relationship to the Strategic Action Plan
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement