Foreword from the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence

Our goal is to end this violence. This requires unwavering work toward generational change.

Profile photo of The Hon. Vicki Ward, Minister for Prevention of Family Violence

Eight years ago, the Royal Commission into Family Violence revealed the devastating extent and hurt of family violence across Victoria. Its 227 recommendations were bold and broad ranging and the Victorian Government promised to implement every single one of them.

In partnership with the family violence sector, we embarked on an ambitious 10-year plan to transform the way Victoria prevents and responds to family violence. This plan has been backed by investment of $3.86 billion – more than all other states or territories combined.

Through the hard work of many people across our state, the Royal Commission recommendations have been implemented and they are making a difference.

Because of our reforms more Victorians are aware of family violence and how to seek help.

  • For those who are seeking help, they can now access The Orange Door Network in their local area and be connected to the services they need.
  • Victorians who choose to commit violence are more likely to be held accountable for their behaviour and engaged to change it.
  • Victorians working in a range of frontline services are better equipped to identify and manage the risk of family violence.
  • Victorian children are learning about respectful relationships and young people are learning about affirmative consent.

We have come a long way as a state since 2015 and Victorians should be proud of this.

But we know there remains a long way to go. Too many Victorians continue to use violence and too many continue to experience its damaging consequences.

Our goal is to end this violence. This requires unwavering work toward generational change. We cannot step back from this challenge. It is our unfinished business.

As we now move beyond the Royal Commission recommendations, we will target our efforts where they can have the greatest benefit.

We will focus on prevention to drive down family violence. We will strengthen support for victim survivors and accountability for people who use violence. We will prioritise the safety and agency of children and young people. We will respond to the rapid cultural, social and technological shifts taking place around us. We will track our progress and measure our success.

We will continue to work across Victoria’s diverse communities, including continuing our partnership with Aboriginal communities. The lived experience of victim survivors will continue to guide this work. I extend my deepest gratitude to the many dedicated people across our state who have worked hard on Victoria’s reform to date, and who will continue to support this reform. I acknowledge and thank the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council, the Dhelk Dja Koori Caucus members, and our invaluable partners in the family violence sector. Your unwavering dedication and effort has been central to our progress.

With your help, we will now take the next steps toward ending family violence in Victoria.

Vicki Ward MP

Minister for Prevention of Family Violence