A strong foundation is now in place

We have now spent seven years working on Ending family violence: Victoria's 10-year plan for change. During this time, we have made big changes to the way we prevent and respond to family violence. We are proud of just how far we have come.

This has been a period of fast-paced, wide-scale change led by many resolute people across our state.

This includes people and organisations who work to prevent and respond to family violence and sexual violence and many others across our community who play a vital role in making our state a safer place for all Victorians.

This change builds on decades of effort by the people who came before us. This work began in the 1970s, with women’s groups who helped women and children experiencing family violence [1].


[1] State of Victoria 2016, Royal Commission into Family Violence: summary and recommendations, Parl Paper no. 132 (2014–26).