Support for Carers Program

Carers play such an important role in the lives of so many.

Unpaid carers provide care and support for their partners, friends, family members or other loved ones. They may support a person with a disability, mental illness, chronic illness or medical condition, terminal illness or ageing related support needs.

Carers need good health and well-being to continue their vital roles. The Victorian Support for Carers Program (SCP) can assist.

Find your local SCP provider

To find out which organisations provide the SCP in your area:

You can contact a local SCP provider directly. You don’t have to go through other avenues such as the Commonwealth Carer Gateway assessment to receive assistance.

Tailored support

The SCP provides tailored, flexible support based on a carer's individual needs and circumstances. The SCP can:

  • meet a carer's short-term, high level support needs
  • respond to a carer's immediate or urgent needs in a timely way
  • provide short-term top up services to supplement a carer's broader service system supports.

The SCP can provide carers with:

  • information and advice
  • one-to-one support
  • group support which may include:
    • carer support groups
    • specific needs support groups for carers
    • joint support groups for a carer and the person they care for together.
  • individual, group or family counselling
  • respite for a carer alone, a carer and the person they care for, or a person receiving care alone. Respite can be:
    • in-home support
    • a day activity
    • a group activity
    • a day stay or overnight stay at a centre for a person receiving care
    • an overnight stay for a carer alone or together with the person receiving care.
  • funds for a service or a one-off purchase to meet a pressing support requirement.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing provides support, programs and services for Victoria’s carers in partnership with the sector.