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Chisholm Institute

Training for the clean economy – the Victorian TAFE Network prospectus 2024

Chisholm Institute focuses its clean economy efforts in the automotive and solar sectors.

Chisholm Institute is one of Victoria’s premier public vocational education and training providers, offering over 250 courses ranging from certificates and diplomas to advanced diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and graduate certificates.

Its offerings are cover a broad array of study areas (e.g. traditional trades, engineering, beauty, hospitality) and designed in close consultation with industry.

Chisholm Institute’s footprint is spread across 6 locations in Victoria: Dandenong, Frankston, Berwick, Cranbourne, Wonthaggi and Rosebud. 

Clean economy focus areas


Chisholm Institute has been involved in automotive training on electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (PHEV) since 2019. Chisholm Institute offers a Depower and Reinitialise EV Batteries short course. In addition, EV units (e.g. Battery EV Service and Maintenance) are also delivered within existing automotive offerings.

In response to the growing interest from industry stakeholders, Chisholm Institute is committed to expanding its automotive and battery capabilities. This involves a revitalisation of existing courses to incorporate electric vehicle (EV) content. Furthermore, Chisholm Institute is actively considering the development of a comprehensive EV apprenticeship program.


Chisholm Institute offers a highly popular course on working safely in the solar industry. As part of its commitment to advancing solar education, the institute is actively establishing dedicated infrastructure for solar training at the Frankston campus.

Chisholm Institute is investigating the inclusion of 'alternative' energy sourcing units in electrotechnology offerings, both for existing electricians and apprenticeships.

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