Recycling Victoria: a new economy is our circular economy policy and 10-year action plan to deliver a cleaner, greener Victoria with less waste and pollution, better recycling, more jobs and a stronger economy.   

By 2046, Victoria is expected to produce 40% more waste than it did in 2017–18. If we don’t act now this will put pressure on our waste and recycling system, increase landfill, and create more greenhouse gas emissions.

Across Australia and around the world, governments are looking at ways to waste less and recycle more.

What’s changing?

In the future, all Victorians will need to separate their waste into 4 streams so we can recycle more of our waste.

  • By 2030 a new 4-bin waste and recycling system will be standard for households across the state. 
  • By 2022–23 we will introduce a container deposit scheme so you can swap empty cans and bottles for cash.
  • We are investing almost $100 million to strengthen Victoria’s waste and recycling industry – grow the local industry, create local jobs and drive innovation and new technologies.
  • We’ll also regulate the waste and recycling sector, as an essential service with a new waste and recycling Act and a waste authority – putting an end to illegal and unsafe storage and stockpiling of waste.

What are the benefits?

The changes to our waste recycling system will:

  • establish a recycling system that Victorians can rely on
  • increase recycling
  • reduce the amount of waste going to landfill
  • improve the way we use materials and deal with waste
  • reduce litter in the environment
  • create new jobs and technologies in waste management and recycling industries and boost Victoria’s economy
  • reduce emissions from the waste sector and contribute to our target of net zero emissions by 2050

Recycling Victoria Policy  

Reviewed 19 November 2020

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