What we do at the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing

We're leading ground-breaking change to Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing system, so people get the support they need and deserve.

Our purpose

We will drive ground-breaking change to Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing system, so that people receive mental health and wellbeing support when, where and how they may want it.

We're committed to doing things differently to effect real change. We:

  • champion lived and living experience leadership
  • develop mental health services that are safe, effective, timely and compassionate
  • put the evidence of lived experience at the centre of all our work
  • partner and collaborate with individuals, services and organisations with diverse experiences to create better care, treatment and support
  • are unapologetically ambitious: we challenge assumptions, ask bold questions and set an innovative research agenda for impact
  • connect the evidence of lived experience, service provision and research to make care more person-centred and compassionate and people's outcomes more effective and evidence informed
  • commit to transparency in all we do: we communicate openly, invite feedback, listen and respond
  • support continuous learning to do better - again and again
  • advocate for policy change to transform mental health care through inclusive research and real-world evidence
  • deliver locally, collaborate widely and inspire globally.

Our functions

Our functions were set out by the Parliament of Victoria in section 8 of the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2021.

Using the evidence of lived experience as the basis for service design, delivery, research and evaluation, we will:

  • deliver best-practice multidisciplinary treatment, care and support to adults and older adults
  • translate existing research and the evidence of lived experience into better treatment, care and support
  • gather and disseminate evidence about what makes treatment, care and support more effective
  • set the agenda for new interdisciplinary research that has real-world impact
  • drive statewide change to create an adaptive and more integrated mental health and wellbeing system
  • support the development of a highly skilled and diverse multi-disciplinary workforce
  • promote a system-wide culture of collaboration, inquiry, innovation and learning
  • advocate for policy change to transform mental health care through inclusive research.

Our priorities

The Collaborative Centre’s mission, objectives, principles, functions, establishment activities and key outputs are outlined in the centre’s 2023-24 Statement of Priorities.

The Statement of Priorities, as agreed by the Acting Minister for Mental Health and the Collaborative Centre Board in November 2022, sets out what the centre aims to achieve by 30 June 2023.

Visit the 2023-24 Statement of Priorities page.

A fact sheet summarising our 2023-24 Statement of priorities can be found below:

Statement of Priorities Fact Sheet
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Strategic directions:

Our strategic directions provides the foundation for our first three-year strategic plan, which will be developed in 2024.

Together with our Lived Experiences Advisory Panel, the Collaborative Centre Board developed this document, additionally reflecting contributions from our key partners and stakeholders.

We have four strategic areas underpinned by three foundations.

Strategic areas:

  • Transforming treatment, care and support
  • Generating research
  • Engaging people and sharing information
  • Strengthening and supporting the workforce

Strategic foundations:

  • Lived experience leadership, partnership and participation
  • Collaborating and connecting across the mental health sector
  • Human rights and social justice

For more information, please view our complete strategic directions document below:

Collaborative Centre Strategic Directions
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2022-2023 Annual Report:

The Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing’s annual report for 2022-23 is in accordance with section 3.7 of our 2022-23 Statement of Priorities. This requires the Collaborative Centre to report on activities during the 2022-23 financial year.

To read our full 2022-2023 Annual Report, please click below:

Collaborative Centre 2022-2023 Annual Report
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