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Victorian Government Advertising Plan 2018-19

This advertising plan outlines all campaign advertising planned for 2018–19.

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Victorian Government Advertising Plan 2018-19
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About the 2018–19 plan

The publishing of this Victorian Government Annual Advertising Plan 2018–19 reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining transparency on government advertising expenditure.

In developing the government’s overall advertising plan for 2018–19, each advertising campaign proposed by Victorian Government departments and agencies was carefully considered and assessed.

Activities that support vital health, safety and community wellbeing objectives, assist Victorians to respond to disruptions or service changes, or support economic or commercial development were prioritised for inclusion in the 2018–19 plan. These activities are often undertaken by independent government bodies and agencies with statutory obligations to educate and inform the community, rather than by core government departments.

The 2018–19 plan anticipates increased advertising expenditure by government across key communication priority areas.
As in 2017–18, major campaigns will be required to inform the Victorian community about disruptions and service changes caused by major road and rail infrastructure projects and support health and safety activities and major behaviour change campaigns tackling family violence and supporting social cohesion.

The 2018–19 plan also includes major new campaigns to inform the public of the State Election in November 2018, and to support the Victorian tourism industry and the TAFE sector.

The government considers these activities are critical to delivering its strategic priorities for Victoria, while representing an effective investment of public money.

Throughout 2018–19, each individual campaign will undergo a further layer of scrutiny to ensure the level of advertising expenditure planned for the campaign is prudent and represents the minimum amount required to achieve the campaign’s strategic objectives.

Making adjustments to the 2018-19 plan

Government advertising priorities may change throughout the year in response to changing circumstances or emerging issues. Therefore, some advertising included within the 2018–19 plan may not take place as scheduled, while additional advertising may be undertaken that had not been anticipated.

Advertising necessary to alert the community to unexpected emergencies (such as severe heat warnings) will be considered on a case-by-case basis and is not included in this annual plan.

Reporting on government advertising expenditure

Each year, the Victorian Government publishes a report on total government advertising expenditure for the past financial year, as well as a report summarising significant advertising campaigns undertaken during the year.[1]

Expenditure on individual advertising campaigns, with media advertising costs greater than $100,000 is also published in departments’ and agencies’ annual reports.

Non-campaign advertising

This advertising plan outlines all ‘campaign’ advertising planned by the government for 2018–19. Campaign advertising is generally intended to communicate a particular message or change people’s behaviour over time – for example, road safety campaigns.

Government bodies also undertake a range of ‘non-campaign’ advertising, which includes recruitment advertising
and ‘functional’ advertising (such as requests for tender, notifications about community consultations and road closure notices).

While campaign advertising accounts for the majority of government advertising expenditure, the government also has measures in place to ensure non-campaign advertising is undertaken in a cost-effective manner.

An example is the government’s policy that government departments should not place non-campaign advertising in metropolitan print newspapers, in favour of using digital channels, which can more effectively and efficiently reach the relevant audience.

Advertising standards in legislation

In September 2017, the government passed legislation to strengthen governance of communication and advertising undertaken by public sector bodies, by introducing a new Part 5A to the Public Administration Act 2004.

Part 5A of the Act includes measures to restrict government television advertising to five purposes or ‘priority areas’. No other government television advertising is permitted under the Act.

As detailed within this report, all advertising campaigns included in the government’s 2018–19 advertising plan contribute to
one of these five communication priority areas.

In 2018, the government also introduced new Regulations under Part 5A of the Act to further strengthen governance of public sector communication and advertising.

The Public Administration Act 2004 and the Public Administration (Public Sector Communication) Regulations 2018 can be viewed online at

Government campaign advertising planned for 2018–19

All campaign advertising undertaken by the Victorian Government during 2018–19 will fulfil one of five priority areas for government communications:

  1. To promote public safety, personal security or behavioural change.
  2. To promote social cohesion, civic pride or community spirit within the general public.
  3. To promote commercial or economic development within the state.
  4. To generate revenue for public sector bodies or for the state through consumption of products or services delivered by or in partnership with public sector bodies.
  5. To promote compliance with legislative requirements.

These communication priority areas mirror those included in Part 5A of the Public Administration Act 2004, which places restrictions on government television advertising.

The chart below shows planned spending for each priority area as a proportion of the government’s overall expenditure on campaign advertising for 2018–19.

Percentage of total campaign expenditure planned for 2018-19

Public safety, personal security and behaviour change (53%)

Social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit (3%)

Commercial and economic investment (23%)

Generation of revenue for institutions and events (17%)

Compliance with legislative requirements (4%)

Percentage of total campaign expenditure planned for 2018-19

More information about each priority area, including examples of significant advertising campaigns planned for 2018–19, are provided on the following pages.

Priority area 1: Public safety, personal security and behaviour change

Government invests significantly in this priority area to promote safe and responsible behaviour and support and assistance services, to advise of service disruptions and promote programs that help people stay safe and well.

In 2018–19, this priority area will include continuing campaigns to improve road and workplace safety, increase summer fire preparedness, minimise harm caused by gambling and support the community to adapt to disruptions caused by major road and rail infrastructure projects.

Public safety, personal security and behaviour change makes up 53% of expenditure

Family violence

During 2018–19, the government will continue its major, long-term initiative to prevent family violence. The program will be supported by advertising intended to change behaviours through the Respect Women: Call It Out campaign.

Victoria’s Big Build

Continuing in 2018–19, the government will provide information on major road and rail infrastructure projects. Incorporating road and rail projects in Melbourne and regional Victoria, such as Level Crossing Removals, Metro Tunnel, North East Link, Airport Rail Link and the Regional Rail Revival, advertising will inform the public of disruptions and progress and promote alternative transport arrangements during construction.

Road safety and workplace safety

In 2018–19, the Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria will continue to deliver critical safety messages to reduce the risk of deaths or injuries. Campaigns will promote responsible behaviours and practices and educate Victorians about how to stay safe on the roads and in the workplace. This includes a new campaign from WorkSafe emphasising the importance of physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

To reduce harm and encourage a balanced perspective on gambling in the community, campaigns by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation will continue to focus on increasing community and individual understanding of harm from gambling. This includes continuing to challenge the normalisation of gambling in sport and the impact that stigma has on peoples’ willingness to seek help.

Police recruitment

In 2018–19, a major campaign by Victoria Police to recruit additional police officers will be supported by a state-wide advertising campaign.

Priority area 2: Social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit

Advertising in this priority area supports Victorians to participate in public life, engage with their community, understand their rights and responsibilities and contribute to Victoria’s many cultural, social and natural assets.

These include annual campaigns to celebrate Australia Day in Victoria and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of Victoria’s veterans.

pie chart indicating 3% of total expenditure was for social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit (3%)

Victorian. And Proud Of It.

Launched in early 2017, this multi-year campaign promoting cohesion and the Victorian Values Statement will continue in 2018–19. The campaign highlights stories of belonging and contribution from a diverse range of Victorians.

Deadly Questions

In 2018–19, the government will continue its Deadly Questions Treaty campaign, which offers non-Aboriginal Victorians the opportunity to ask questions of Aboriginal Victorians and build greater understanding between all Victorians. The campaign has been developed as part of the government’s commitment to advancing Aboriginal self-determination and Treaty.

Pick My Project

Launched in April 2018, the Pick My Project initiative gives all Victorian residents aged 16 and over the opportunity to access grants of between $20,000 and $200,000 to fund a project to benefit their community. The 2018–19 advertising campaign will support the voting phase of the initiative, with successful projects to be announced in October 2018.

Australia Day and veterans’ acknowledgement

Each year, government promotes celebration of Australia Day and acknowledges service of Victoria’s veterans through several campaigns to increase community awareness and inform Victorians of opportunities to participate in various events.

Priority area 3: Commercial and economic investment in Victoria

This priority area includes advertising campaigns that help grow Victoria’s economy and promote investment by driving tourism, increasing employment and career opportunities, promoting business and commercial development, and encouraging regional growth.

Pie chart indicating that 23% of total expenditure was on commercial and economic investment in Victoria

Tourism promotion

In 2018–19, Visit Victoria will undertake advertising campaigns to promote intra-state, inter-state and international tourism and attract visitors and business to Melbourne and regional Victoria. As well as a major new campaign to promote regional Victoria, advertising campaigns will promote one-off events such as White Night and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.

Solar Panels Rebate Initiative

In 2018-19, the government will offer rebates for eligible Victorian households for both solar panels and solar hot water systems. The state-wide advertising campaign aims to raise awareness and take-up of the of the Solar Homes Package rebate program and to drive traffic to the website.

Defence Excellence – Mission Possible

In 2018–19, a continuing campaign will promote Victoria’s defence industry excellence, including its world-class
manufacturing and research capabilities and highly skilled workforce to help secure future Defence contracts, attract investment in the sector and create more jobs for Victorians.

Victorian Energy Compare

During 2018–19, a campaign will encourage Victorians to access a $50 Power Saving Bonus for using the independent Victorian Energy Compare website to compare their current electricity and gas bills with rates and offers from all energy providers.

Priority area 4: Generation of revenue for institutions and events

This priority area supports Victoria’s many iconic arts and educational institutions and major events, which offer world-class attractions, events and services for all Victorians and attract interstate and international visitors.

Many of these institutions and events rely on advertising to attract the patronage and attendance that generates revenue for their programs and activities.

Pie chart indicating that 17% of total expenditure was for generation of revenue for institutions and events

Creative Victoria campaigns

Institutions such as Museums Victoria, Arts Centre Melbourne, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Recital Centre host a diverse range of world-class programs each year. In 2018–19, advertising will help inform Victorians about events at these iconic venues and attract interstate visitors.

TAFE and vocational institutions

Advertising in 2018–19 will support the TAFE Victoria brand by encouraging Victorians to explore the opportunities for learning, development and advancement offered by Victorian TAFEs through the TAFE Will Take You There campaign, and the new Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative. Throughout 2018–19, individual institutions will also undertake advertising to inform prospective students about their unique course offerings.


Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo are iconic tourism drawcards, family destinations and centres for learning and conservation. Advertising by Zoos Victoria publicises new experiences offered by these venues and encourages Victorians to visit, explore and learn about the natural heritage of Australia and the world.

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and Moto Grand Prix

In 2018–19, local and interstate advertising will help drive ticket sales and attract visitors to the 2018 Moto GP at Phillip Island and the 2019 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Priority area 5: Compliance with legislative requirements

When there are changes to laws or regulations that affect Victorians, government has a responsibility to communicate the changes to assist the transition to the new arrangements.

For wide-ranging changes, advertising provides an essential means of reaching as many affected people as possible.

Advertising for November’s State Election began in September 2018.

Pie chart indicating that 4% of total expenditure was for compliance with legislative requirements

State Election 2018

Victoria’s State Election was held on Saturday 24 November 2018. In the lead up to the election, a major advertising campaign educated first-time voters, and raised awareness across the community on how to vote, the date of the election, where to vote and the importance of registering and voting.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria undertakes campaigns to raise awareness of consumer rights, particularly in areas where there have been legislative changes and reforms. In 2018–19, campaigns will raise awareness of how building disputes are dealt with, underquoting in the real estate market, long-term residential leases and the broader rental reforms, retirement living contracts among older Victorians, and the rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged renters, such as international students.

Labour Hire Licensing Scheme

Advertising will help promote awareness of a new business licensing system that protects vulnerable labour hire workers from exploitation and regulates the provision of labour hire services.

Reforms to puppy farm laws

Recent reforms to laws governing the breeding and retailing of pets will be supported by advertising to raise awareness in the community about the changes.

Department and agency campaign advertising: 2017–18 and 2018–19

The charts below show the proportion of campaign advertising planned by government departments and independent agencies during 2018–19 and 2017–18. Each chart lists examples of significant departmental and agency advertising campaigns, including major new initiatives planned for the year.

Total planned campaign advertising spend – 2018–19

Departments (30%)

Continuing core activities:

  • Summer fire campaign
  • Preventing family violence
  • Deadly Questions Treaty campaign

New initiatives in key areas:

  • Energy Compare $50 Power Saving Bonus
  • Solar Panels Rebate initiative
  • Free TAFE for Priority Courses
Agencies (70%)

Continuing core activities:

  • Road and workplace safety
  • Tourism promotion
  • Road and rail infrastructure projects
  • Minimising gambling harm

New initiatives in key areas:

  • 2018 State Election
Pie chart with departments and agencies split 30:70

Total planned campaign advertising spend – 2017–18

Departments (27%)

Continuing core activities:

  • Preventing family violence
  • Summer fire campaign
  • ‘Victorian. And Proud Of It’ campaign

New initiatives in key areas:

  • TAFE Victoria brand campaign
  • ‘Victoria is Hiring’ campaign
  • Treaty for Aboriginal Victorians
Agencies (73%)

Continuing core activities:

  • Road and workplace safety
  • Tourism promotion
  • Creative Victoria promotional campaigns

New initiatives in key areas:

  • Road and rail infrastructure projects
Pie chart with departments and agencies split 27:73

Source: This information was authorised and published by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne, in March 2019 with ISSN 2208-8393 - Online