Our commitment to integrity

The Victorian Skills Authority commits to act with integrity at all times.

Our objective is for Victorian Skills Authority staff, partners and stakeholders to always commit to and act with integrity by:

✔ being open, honest and transparent

✔ using authority, insights and expertise responsibly

✔ being free from bias

✔ managing actual or perceived conflicts of interest effectively

✔ identifying, addressing and managing improper conduct quickly

✔ taking an inclusive approach to all participants in the skills system, including the vulnerable, disengaged and disadvantaged

✔ aligning our decision-making with public interest declarations

✔ earning and retaining public, industry and community trust at the highest level, at all times

✔ protecting our social and economic agenda by promoting trust in the outcomes of education and skilling.

We will meet these high standards of integrity when our staff, partners and stakeholders know and act with integrity, for the good of the Victorian community and the Victorian economy.