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World Teachers’ Day

Celebrating the amazing work of our teachers.

27 October 2022 10:00 pm - 28 October 2022 04:30 am

World Teachers’ Day is held internationally on Tuesday 5 October. As it usually falls during the school holidays in many parts of Australia. In Victoria, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day on 28 October 2022.

It is a chance to recognise and celebrate the teachers who are making, or have made, an impact in our lives. Whether you're a current student, have children in school, or have been out of school for many years, World Teachers’ Day is a chance to say, ‘thank you’.

Show appreciation for your teachers

There are many ways you can show your appreciation and support for your teachers. Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate World Teachers’ Day in Victoria.

Share on social media

Use the hashtag #thanksvicteachers on social media to:

Remember to tag @DETVic on Twitter and ‘Department of Education and Training, Victoria’ on LinkedIn to share your stories.

Nominate a teacher or principal for an award or recognition

Do you know a teacher or principal who deserves recognition for their hard work?

Teachers and principals across Victoria have taught and supported their communities during bushfires and through a global pandemic. Australian Honours recognise outstanding individuals who have contributed to their community or profession.

It's easy to nominate someone for Australian Honours and it's a great way to recognise their effort, talent and dedication.

To find out more about nominating visit:

Order of AustraliaExternal Link

Recognition MattersExternal Link

Suggested social media posts

Here is a sample social media post that can be used across your social media channels to help encourage your networks to participate in World Teachers’ Day 2022.

Feel free to edit and personalise these posts to suit your own style.

Draft text

Post 1

We’re celebrating World Teachers’ Day in Victoria on 28 October! It is a great opportunity to celebrate the teachers at (insert your account name) who are making, or have made, an impact on your life.

Send a message of thanks to your favourite teacher using #thanksvicteachers on social media and tag us in your post by typing @ (insert your account name).

Post 2

We’re celebrating World Teachers’ Day in Victoria on 28 October. Learn how you can get involved <World Teachers’ Day | Victorian Government ( Link >

Suggested newsletter copy

Please consider using the draft content below in your newsletter or preferred communication channel. You can also customise the newsletter copy to include information about how you are celebrating World Teachers’ Day 2022 in Victoria.

Draft text

This year, World Teachers’ Day is on Friday 28 October. It is an opportunity to say thank you for the incredible contributions teachers make to our community.

We will recognise the passion teachers have, and how teaching has extended beyond the classroom to maintain connections through flexible learning.

We will be celebrating World Teachers’ Day by [insert information here about how you are participating]

You can get involved by sending a message of thanks to a teacher who is making, or has made, an impact on your life using #thanksvicteachers on social media. Don’t forget to tag the Department of Education and Training (the department) so we can see all your messages.

Head to the department’s World Teachers Day webpageExternal Link for resources to help you celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2022, including ‘Thank You’ card templates.

Downloadable resources

We've created the following World Teachers' Day resources for you to use.

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