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Kate Gavens, Chief Conservation Regulator

Kate Gavens, Chief Conservation Regulator

It has been a significant year, filled with progress across our key regulatory priorities.

An effective, trusted, best-practice regulator.

It is my great pleasure to present the Conservation Regulator’s first Year in Review 2019–2020 and share with the Victorian community the progress we have made in our first full year of operation.

The establishment of the Conservation Regulator is a landmark opportunity to improve our regulatory practices, and deliver better protection of our environment, forests and wildlife for the benefit of everyone in the Victorian community.

As Victoria’s inaugural Chief Conservation Regulator, I am energised by the opportunity to take carriage of this important work, and the willingness of those across the public service, in industry and community to support our regulatory mission of being “an effective, trusted, best-practice regulator”.

As the Conservation Regulator has taken shape, it has been a significant year, filled with progress across our key regulatory priorities, while also being responsive to challenges emerging out of the significant 2019–2020 bushfire season and COVID-19.

I am proud of the flexibility that Conservation Regulator staff have displayed, in both being able to respond to these emerging challenges, while also getting on with progressing our core work.

I would also like to thank our regulatory partners and stakeholders for their investment in the establishment of the regulator through engagement, feedback and partnership. In particular, working with us to tackle these challenges in these unprecedented times.

I look forward to continuing our important work and working with our partners to conserve and protect our environment for future generations.

Reviewed 21 October 2022

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