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August 2022

Client voice

The Client voice framework for community services (2019)External Link sets the vision for how the department and the community services sector seeks, listens to and acts on the client voice. This includes listening to and acting on the voices of children and young people.

Children and young people have unique and valuable insights, knowledge and skills. When we design, implement and evaluate services, policies and programs with children and young people, they are more likely to be safe, effective, connected and person-centred. This means better outcomes for children, families and the wider community.

Young voices

Young voices is an extension of the Client voice framework. It offers guidance, information and tools to support safe and meaningful child and youth participation.

Young voices supports organisations and staff to:

  • plan how to engage with children and young people
  • understand the principles and important things to think about
  • run participation activities – from consultation to co-design
  • see examples of good practice through case studies and lessons learned.

We are committed to seeking, listening to and acting on the voices of people with lived experience of the community services system. We recognise that unless we truly listen to the voices of children and young people, we can’t fully understand what they need and know how to respond to keep them safe and to make sure supports are of the highest quality.

We also recognise there are many leaders in child and youth participation practices. Young voices is a platform to share good practice, promote the voices of children and young people – particularly those experiencing disadvantage – and contribute to continuous improvement in child and youth participation.

If you have any feedback or would like to add a resource or good practice case study, contact the Community Services Quality and Safety Office via email:

What to consider when running a participation activity

There are things you need to think about when you want to run a participation activity with children and young people. To find out more, see:

Run a participation activity

Before you start

  • Review the important considerations.
  • Get any necessary preliminary approvals.

It's about young people and adults working together to suss out what the problems are, what needs to be done and then working together to make real changes.

Young person, Commission for Children and Young People empowerment and participation plan, 2021

Read the following information and use the steps for meaningful participation with children and young people.

Reviewed 14 August 2022

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