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Appendix B: FRV Q1 Outputs Progress Update

FRV published its Year 2 Outcomes Framework in FY 2021-22. FRV is reporting against most of the performance indicators as outlined in this framework. However, as data for some indicators is unavailable, FRV continues to report against eight indicators to provide a level of data continuity. FRV has not set a FY 2022-23 target for these indicators on the basis that FRV is now formally reporting against its Year 2 Outcomes Framework.

FSIM has included the year one targets set by FRV for these data sets to provide the reader with a reference point. FSIM further notes that some targets are based on a YTD cumulative result and have been identified as such in this report.

FRV categorises its Year One Outcomes Framework / Outputs indicators into 4 domains:

  • Community
  • Service
  • People, and
  • Collaboration.

Data is available from page 29 in the report document.

2022-23 Fire Services Outcome Framework Progress Report Quarter 1
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