Section 3: Research priorities

This section outlines the 5 Research subject areas and priority research topics for Phase 2.


The priority research subject areas (subject areas) and priority research topics (research topics) are summarised in the following table.

The research topics respond to current gaps in the evidence base. They have been compiled from analysis of current research and following extensive consultations with stakeholders, including Victorian Government departments and community sector organisations.

This section includes detailed information about each research topic to guide applicants in their proposals.

Research subject areas and priority research topics

Research subject are Priority research topic
1. Children and young people as victim survivors in their own right

1.1. What works (from the perspective of children and/or young people) for children and/or young people when accessing crisis accommodation?

(This research can be of the views of children and young people in identifiable groups, such as children and young people with disability or Aboriginal children and young people.)
2. Family violence as experienced by Aboriginal people and communities 2.1. What does success look like for Aboriginal people who use family and/or sexual violence?
3. Family violence as experienced by people from diverse communities

3.1. What counts as success for multicultural community services as part of a coordinated response to family violence?

3.2. What protective factors and facilitators lead to successful engagement for people with a disability accessing family violence and/or sexual violence services?
4. Sexual violence and harm 4.1. What approaches work to support children and/or young people who experience sexual assault?
5. System lens research topics 5.1. What, from the perspective of victim survivors, are meaningful, safe and effective ways to gather feedback to strengthen family violence service delivery?
6. Adolescent family violence No topics in Phase 2
7. Perpetrators and people who use violence No topics in Phase 2