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Subject area 5: System lens research topics

Outlines why subject area 5 is a priority, what is needed, desired outcomes and the scope

Why is this a priority?

The ability to design and improve programs and services in the family violence area depends on the willingness of victim survivors to share their experiences and expertise. As a result, the ways in which victim survivors share their insights need to be such that victim survivors need to feel safe and comfortable when doing so.

Research topic 5.1: What, from the perspective of victim survivors, are meaningful, safe and effective ways to gather feedback to strengthen family violence service delivery?


This topic was developed by members of Family Safety Victoria’s Victim Survivor Advisory Council (VSAC).
“If we don’t find out from those we seek to serve, we wouldn’t know what’s landing for people and what’s not.” – Member of VSAC

There is a need to identify ways to gather feedback from victim survivors in a way that is more meaningful, safe and effective. There is an opportunity to further research of what meaningful, safe and effective feedback from victim survivors looks like within the intervention continuum.

There is a need to attend to the reciprocal challenge of giving and receiving feedback and an opportunity to research the optimal time and context (i.e., the who, how, where, when of giving and receiving feedback).

This topic will research effective and innovative ways services that can be used to gather the feedback and insights of victim-survivors and use it to strengthen service delivery and client-centred practice.

Desired outcomes

Findings will:

  • strengthen the way we engage with people to ensure barriers are addressed and those that previously didn’t engage with services feel supported to do so
  • strengthen service delivery and ensure that secondary trauma to victim survivors is addressed
  • help generate evidence on how to create a streamlined and transparent process to ‘close the loop’ for people who provide service feedback.


Duration: Up to 1.5 years
Budget: Up to $300,000
Methodology: This research should include:

  • a strong focus on an intersectional approach that considers effectiveness and appropriateness as they relate to diverse Victorian victim-survivors
  • a structured review of current feedback practices, tools and conventions used in family violence service delivery
  • strong focus on participatory qualitative research methods in alignment with the six phases of the lived experience guiding elements.

Reviewed 02 March 2023

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