Delivering in partnership and by listening

The Victorian Government supports diverse communities across all ages. We acknowledge the value of partnerships and co-design to plan and deliver services and to support culturally diverse communities, LGBTIQ+ people and First Nations peoples. We will continue to consult with a diverse range of older people and with the members of the Senior Victorians Advisory Group about implementing activities in the four priority domains. We will continue to keep an eye on the ongoing issues that are important to our diverse senior population.

We will also ensure the needs of different age groups of older people are recognised and heard. The needs of people aged 60 to 70 years compared to those aged over 80, for example, can be as different as the needs of preschool children compared with those of young adults.

The government supports Metropolitan Partnerships and Regional Partnerships to advise on the important issues for community in their regions. Metropolitan Partnership Development Fund projects supporting older people include:

  • Aboriginal Elders Cultural Wellbeing (metro-wide) – understanding issues and solutions for Elders related to social connection and mental wellbeing
  • the Chatty Café Scheme (inner south-east) – local cafés supporting social connection
  • digital inclusion (inner metro) – improving digital capability and improving digital literacy
  • bilingual health workers (western) – supporting access to health services for people from non–English speaking backgrounds.

The government will continue to value feedback from Metropolitan Partnerships and Regional Partnership on the experience and needs of senior Victorians. We will prioritise their advice on designing and delivering policy and programs affecting senior Victorians.

The government recognises the important role and responsibilities of local government in providing support for people to age in place. Councils offer a range of programs and activities available in local communities. Councils also invest across a wide range of services and infrastructure to support older Victorians. The government will continue to consult with councils to better understand changes in local demographics and community need.

Our funded partnerships with peak bodies provide important policy advice on the diverse needs of our older population. They also provide information, advocacy and advice to older people. Funding arrangements with community-based organisations such as Universities of the Third Age, neighbourhood houses, men’s sheds and libraries provide local, community-driven activities.

We will work with local government, peak bodies and community-based organisations to deliver the actions in the action plan.