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Publishing queue training

Eligibility and training for Vic Gov CMS approver access.

As part of our federated publishing model, departments and agencies are responsible for publishing their own content.

Who's eligible for publishing queue training?

To be eligible, you must:

Get started with publishing queue training

Step 1: Submit a new request or update your existing CMS editor training request

Submit an online request for publishing queue access

You need to attach email proof or a note of endorsement from your Senior Digital Manager.

Step 2: Watch the training video or attend an online training session

You can complete our publishing queue training session by either:

  • Watching our on-demand training videos and completing the publishing queue readiness quiz (the videos and quiz will be sent to you once your request has been approved).
  • Booking and attending an online training sessionExternal Link .

Reviewed 06 June 2023

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