Changes to the spreadsheet for quarterly returns

The quarterly return spreadsheet used to upload your workers has been updated.

Update to quarterly returns spreadsheet

In the past, the spreadsheet contained a single tab for you to enter details for both existing workers and new workers.

There are different data requirements for a new worker compared to existing workers. The spreadsheet now contains an additional tab to make it easier for you when entering the data.

The Upload Spreadsheet now includes three tabs.

  • Contributions
  • New Workers
  • References

Contributions tab

This tab is where you enter the Ordinary Pay and Service Hours for your active workers.

The Worker ID, name and date of birth combination (Excluding Salutation) will still need to match as it did previously to confirm that the right worker is referenced. However, the start date and additional contact fields needed for new or returning workers have been removed.

Some columns have shifted location. “Worker Type” is now column K and “Work Type” is now column I.

Your existing workers will automatically be populated when you download the file as part of the Data Export / Import Process.

Any worker terminated in previous returns that is returning to active employment will need to be added in the ‘New Workers’ Tab.

New workers tab

This tab is where you enter new or returning workers.

New workers will not have a Worker ID (M Number).

A returning worker can be a worker you have previously employed or a worker that someone else in the same industry has employed, and therefore they will have an existing M Number.

Workers with Existing M Numbers will need to have their Worker ID, name and date of birth combination (Excluding Salutation) match the details we have in the system to ensure the right worker is referenced.

All new or returning workers will need updated contact information entered (Email or phone and address information).

References tab

This is the same as the reference material found in the Import Export Page but is now more accessible via a new tab.