Child protection, Karen

Meet Karen, a Child Protection Practitioner.

Video transcript

I work here in Goulburn as a child protection practitioner and I've been doing that for about three years.

Working with families, making sure that we hear the voices of the children that we're working with, ensuring they've got safety and families have got the support they need to remain together and give the best outcomes for their kids.

I think my favourite thing about my day is meeting in the morning and working as a team in regards to planning our day, going out and visiting our families and supporting them and provide the best futures for the families that we're working with, as well.

I think one of the biggest challenges when you start is that you want to know everything. And you want to have all the answers to help and the best part about child protection is that they've got a system where they train, support and encourage, and you've got lead practitioners that will help you along the way.

Working so closely with Rumbalara, who's our local Aboriginal co-op, has been really good in regards to supporting our families, engaging children in culturally safe and supported services is really important.

Getting people in here in our local community that know our families is really important to help support them as well.

I think for anyone who is looking at working in child protection, it's a great opportunity as a career path.

I find working here, especially in my local community, we have really great close knit teams that we work a part of so that you've always got somebody to talk to and share your experiences with.

My job matters in the regional community, especially because I've met people in the street and they'd said to me, I wish you were there for me and I want to be there as part of a team, to be there for the next future generation of kids as well.