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A man being shown around his new home by a Housing worker

Every Australian deserves the right to have a safe and secure home. When a person has a secure home it provides the basis for living their best life. Not having a place to live significantly affects a person’s mental and physical health, and our communities.

People working in the housing and homelessness sector work hard to make a difference and secure homes for people in need.

The reasons why people experience homelessness or need help to get housing are complex – poverty, mental health, violence, trauma, loss of a job and social disadvantage are only a few of these reasons. Working in such a complex environment is challenging, rewarding and you get to make a real and tangible difference to people’s lives.

About housing and homelessness work

Work in the housing and homelessness sector is varied and spans across government and non-for-profit organisations. Some roles involve:

  • finding and securing housing options for people
  • management of social and affordable housing
  • connecting with people sleeping rough and providing options
  • connection and referral to other services such as alcohol and drug support, child protection and family support
  • policy, program development and advocacy
  • specialist work with children, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, Aboriginal people, and people with a disability.

Who we’re looking for

If you have passion and drive, and care about making a difference in people’s lives in a field that matters, then a job in housing and homelessness could be for you. Your ability to empathise, be sensitive, provide sound judgement and have relationship management skills will be valued.

Some of the roles do require qualifications, others don’t – it just depends on the role. There are entry-level positions as well as leadership opportunities for people with extensive experience.

On-the-job training and professional development opportunities are available.

There's a role for you

Choose the role that suits you from the jobs on offer including, but not limited to:

  • Community housing tenancy management
  • Initial assessment and planning
  • Case management
  • Assertive outreach
  • Community development
  • Life and living skills.

Reviewed 29 August 2022

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