Discover pathways to your new job

Find pathways to get the right training and education for roles in the community services sector.

There are many pathways into a fulfilling job and career in the community services sector.

Community services jobs make a positive difference to the lives of so many. Join us and you can too. They are professional and valued.

The types and range of jobs are as varied as the Victorian communities we support and empower.

There are jobs right across community services right now needing your transferrable skills, jobs where you can learn while you work and ways for volunteers to access training and translate this into jobs.

There are also specialised jobs which require degree or diploma qualifications or certificate-level training.

The sector needs people in frontline roles and people in support roles; everyone is part of the bigger picture to help build a thriving Victoria.

We encourage you to find out more no matter what your training or experience or if you are a job changer or younger job seeker or highly qualified.