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Child and family services

Enrich your career and make a difference to children and their families.

Be part of a workforce that supports children, young people and their families to live safely in a stable environment.

Working in child and family services makes a difference to people by empowering and supporting them to live lives they value. 

About child and family services 

Child and family services are about creating safe and caring homes and communities for all families and children.

Child and family services includes:

  • family services
  • parenting support and early intervention programs
  • care services – including foster care, kinship care and residential care
  • placement prevention and reunification services
  • family violence services
  • sexual assault services.

Child and family services supports children, young people and their families to improve safety and developmental outcomes, while building capacity and resilience for children, families and communities.

Child and family services offers a variety of roles that will enrich your career and make a difference to children and their families. Your work will help provide the support they need to live healthy and fulfilled lives. 

We know that people thrive when they have access to the support they need. Through child and family services, you can be part of that – a potentially life-changing role in the lives of children, young people and their families. 

There are many organisations that provide child and family services including:

Who we’re looking for 

Whether you’re new to child and family services or have years of experience, this is a great opportunity to broaden your skills and knowledge. You will work with children, young people and their families to effect change and help them live safely in a stable environment so they can thrive and be their best selves.  

In the child and family services sector, you can choose diverse roles with strong career pathways. You will work in a supported environment, where your health and wellbeing are paramount, and people’s diversity and differences are respected and highly valued.

There’s a role for you 

Choose the role that suits you from the wide range available, including: 

  • counsellor
  • residential youth worker
  • family violence practitioner
  • supported playgroup facilitator
  • case manager/family support worker
  • intake and assessment worker.

Find out more about families & children services on the Services website.


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