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Community Recovery Handbook - Toolkit 2-1: Community Recovery Checklists

Checklists addressing a range of recovery aspects.

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The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience develops, maintains, and shares knowledge and learning. This is in support of a disaster resilient Australia. 

There are many resources collections available. These include the Australian Emergency Management Library, and the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection. Collections also include the Australian Journal of Emergency Management, and Major Incidents Report. Their Knowledge Hub is a large collection containing many resources to support recovery.  

This resource is part of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience recovery collection.

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Resource details
Title Community Recovery Handbook - Toolkit 2-1: Community Recovery Checklists
Owner Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
Date last updated 2018
Resource type Checklist

What is this about?

The first of three toolkits that are supporting documents for the implementation of the Australian Disaster Resilience Community Recovery Handbook (AIDR 2018).

This toolkit provides a range of community recovery checklists corresponding to sections within the Community Recovery Handbook.

The checklists address a range of recovery aspects including relief and recovery roles, evaluation, outreach and consideration of the built, natural and social environments.

Who is this resource for?

  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Community Recovery Committees

Table of contents

  • Checklist 1 - Relief/Recovery Team Leader (Operational)
  • Checklist 2 - Generalist Relief/Recovery Worker
  • Checklist 3 - Community development worker role statement
  • Checklist 4 - Managing people
  • Checklist 5 - Community recovery evaluation
  • Checklist 6 - Undertake pre-event recovery planning
  • Checklist 7 - Undertake community recovery management/coordination
  • Checklist 8 - Recovery management/operational
  • Checklist 9 - Outreach
  • Checklist 10 - Evacuation emergency relief centre
  • Checklist 11 - Recovery centres
  • Checklist 12 - Social environment
  • Checklist 13 - Built environment
  • Checklist 14 - Stages/key process elements in recovering the built environment
  • Checklist 15 - Economic environment
  • Checklist 16 - Natural environment

Reviewed 08 November 2021

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