Governance structure

The department is led by the Secretary, who reports to the Minister for Education, the Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-Prep, the Minister for Training and Skills, and the Minister for Higher Education.

Executive Board

The Executive Board provides stewardship by giving a whole-of-department perspective to advise the Secretary (who, in turn, is responsible to government and ministers).

The Executive Board assists the Secretary with strategic leadership of the department, its public bodies and the department’s portfolio as a whole, including vision, purpose, strategic direction and objectives.

The Executive Board plays a central coordinating and authorising role for whole-of-department issues, prioritising resources and monitoring performance.

The Executive Board also oversees the financial and operational performance of the department by monitoring the delivery of key priorities, ensuring integration and alignment across groups and public bodies. The Executive Board drives strong leadership and a high-performing culture across the department’s sectors.

The Executive Board continues to lead the department’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Executive Board comprises:

  • Secretary (Chair)
  • all Deputy Secretaries and the CEO of the VSBA
  • one Assistant Deputy Secretary, rotating on a quarterly basis.

Education State Board

The Education State Board is an advisory body to the Executive Board for the department’s strategic policy thinking. On referral from the Executive Board, the Education State Board considers and provides advice on major policies or reforms that progress the Education State agenda.

The Education State Board comprises:

  • Secretary (Chair)
  • all Deputy Secretaries and the CEOs of the VSBA and VSA
  • all Assistant Deputy Secretaries
  • all Regional Directors
  • CEO, VCAA.