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Public sector values and employment principles

The department adopts the public sector values set out in the Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees. The department’s values underpin how employees interact with colleagues, learners and families, members of the community and suppliers.

When employees act in accordance with the department’s values, the department is more effective, achieves outcomes and ensures the public has trust and confidence in the education system. This adherence also builds trust between employees and leaders, as everyone operates under the same principles and can be confident they are doing the right thing.

A suite of materials developed for use across the department ensures consistent interpretation, strong engagement and connection with these values among employees. These materials inform, educate and guide employees on what each of the 7 values means in the department’s context, and how employees can demonstrate these values through their actions and decisions.

The department is committed to applying merit and equity principles when appointing staff. The selection processes ensure applicants are assessed and evaluated fairly and equitably on the basis of the key selection criteria and other accountabilities without discrimination.