Changes to the department during 2021–22

There were no changes to the department’s objectives and output structure as a result of internal reviews or machinery of government changes.

Discontinued operations

There were no discontinued operations under the department’s output structure.

Direct costs attributable to machinery of government changes

As part of a machinery of government restructure, the department’s professional learning functions for Victorian teachers and school leaders (formerly known as the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership) was transferred to the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership (the Academy). The Academy was established on 1 January 2022 as a new public entity.

As result of the establishment of the Academy, the department incurred $0.2 million in direct costs relating to rebranding. There are no anticipated future costs attributable to the machinery of government change.

Department of Education and TrainingCosts incurred
($ million)
Direct costs
Consultants and contractors-
IT and records management-
New staff-
Total costs0.2