Additional information available on request

FRD 22 requires the Accountable Officer to retain and make available specified information. This information may be made available to ministers, members of parliament and the public on request, subject to the provisions of the FOI Act.

The department has made the details of assessments and measures undertaken to improve the OHS of employees available in the Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation section of this report.

The requirements listed below are included in the department’s Annual Report 2021–22 Additional Information, available from

They include:

  • a statement that declarations of pecuniary interests have been duly completed by all relevant officers
  • details of shares held by a senior officer as nominee or held beneficially in a statutory authority or subsidiary
  • details of publications produced by the department about itself and how these can be obtained
  • details of changes in prices, fees, charges, rates and levies charged by the department
  • details of any major external reviews carried out on the department
  • details of major research and development activities undertaken by the department
  • details of overseas visits undertaken, including a summary of the objectives and outcomes of each visit
  • details of major promotional, public relations and marketing activities undertaken by the department to develop community awareness of the department and its services
  • a general statement on industrial relations in the department and details of time lost through industrial accidents and disputes
  • a list of major committees sponsored by the department, the purposes of each committee, and the extent to which the purposes have been achieved
  • details of all consultancies and contractors, including:
    • consultants/contractors engaged
    • services provided
    • expenditure committed to for each engagement.