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The DE Oracle Supplier PortalExternal Link (‘the Supplier Portal’) is used by the department and some other Education portfolio bodies to release Requests for Quote (RFQs, also referred to as ‘negotiations’) and to allow suppliers to manage their responses.

The Supplier Portal also allows suppliers to self-manage their organisational details and user access (except banking information).

Other platforms

Please note that VendorPanel remains the mandated platform for DE to issue procurement requests to market that relate to a number of Victorian Government State Purchase Contracts and registersExternal Link .

DE will continue to issue these requests through VendorPanelExternal Link , however suppliers responding through VendorPanel must also be a registered organisation within the Supplier Portal for us to properly manage the full lifecycle of that request and related processes.

DE will continue to advertise open market procurement requests through the Buying for Victoria (BFV) Tenders PortalExternal Link , but users will be redirected to this Supplier Portal to obtain documentation and submit responses. Responses submitted through the BFV Tenders Portal are no longer accepted unless specifically advertised as such.

New supplier registration

Prospective suppliers (those who have not previously been engaged by DE) need to self-register to create a new supplier record for their organisation in the Supplier Portal.

Self-registration includes the provision of basic organisational details and the creation of one or more user accounts for staff who will access and respond to RFQs through the Supplier Portal.

Download our Quick Reference Guide to learn more about this process:

User registration for existing suppliers

Suppliers who have previously been engaged by DE will already have a supplier record in our systems, but may not have any user accounts established to allow for accessing and responding to RFQs.

DE will manually create the first user account for any existing supplier. Users can then self-manage new user requests within their organisation.

Download our Quick Reference Guide for more detail:

Logging in and forgotten passwords

Users should always go to the front page of the Supplier PortalExternal Link to log in.

Your User ID is the five- or six-digit number you were allocated when you were registered as a user. Logins using your email address will not be successful.

If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it for any reason, there is a reset process built into the system. Download our Quick Reference Guide on the key functions of the Supplier Portal for more detail:

Key functions of the Supplier Portal

Our Quick Reference Guide on the key functions of the Supplier Portal covers the following topics:

  • Finding a negotiation (RFQ)
  • Navigating around a negotiation (RFQ)
  • Communicating with the project team
  • Creating a response
  • Managing your responses
  • Manage your organisation’s profile

Download our Quick Reference Guide for more detail:

Requesting assistance

If you cannot find the information you need regarding the Supplier in the above documents, please contact the DE Supplier Portal helpdesk:

Questions about individual RFQs/negotiations should, as a first option, be directed to the relevant project team using the Messages function within each negotiation.

Reviewed 23 August 2023

Department of Education and Training

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