About the Victorian Pathways Certificate

Learn more about the VPC and where it can take you.

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is an inclusive, flexible option to complete your studies.

It’s designed for students who, for various reasons, aren’t able or ready to complete the VCE or VCE VM.

The VPC is normally completed in Year 11 and 12, but it can be started earlier or be finished over a period longer than two years. You can work out the best time for you to start and finish the VPC with your school.

The coursework is delivered at a more accessible level than the VCE and VCE VM. Your teachers assess your progress through classroom activities.

The VPC is not an option for all students and will be recommended by your school to meet the needs of a specific student, decided in partnership with the student, parent and the school.

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Where the VPC can take you

The VPC will help you prepare for:

  • VCE and VCE VM
  • entry-level VET, which could be at TAFE
  • going straight into the workforce
  • an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Your VPC subject options

You’ll need to complete 12 or more units, including at least:

  • 2 VPC Literacy units (or units from the VCE English group including VCE VM Literacy)
  • 2 VPC Numeracy units (or units from the VCE Mathematics group including VCE VM Numeracy)
  • 2 VPC Work-Related Skills units
  • 2 VPC Personal Development Skills units.

The remaining four units can come from other VPC units or from a VET Certificate I or above subject.

You could also spend time learning in a workplace. You can combine the VPC with VCE or VCE VM units, or VET at Certificate I level or above.

What you’ll get

When you finish your VPC studies, you’ll get:

  • a Statement of Results from the VCAA
  • a Statement of Attainment from your TAFE
  • your VET qualification
  • your Victorian Pathways Certificate.

For students who don’t complete the full qualification, there will be a Student Achievement Profile summary.

More information

Talk to your school’s careers counsellor to find out if the VPC is right for you.

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