VCE VM Core Subjects

These are the 4 core subjects in the VCE Vocational Major.

From 2025, schools will be able to offer VM Work Related Skills and VM Personal Development Skills to general VCE students to include in their program, not just VCE Vocational Major students.

Literacy and Numeracy are only available if you choose to do the full VCE Vocational Major program.

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Work Related Skills

This subject helps you succeed in the rapidly changing world of work and study. You will explore different career options, develop a career action plan, and build job-seeking skills.

You will learn about healthy and safe workplaces, your rights at work, and how to support the people you work with. You will build communication and teamwork skills and learn how to negotiate important workplace relationships.

You will also identify your personal strengths and learn how to promote these in applications and interviews. You will create a professional portfolio for further education and job applications.

Personal Development Skills

In this subject, you will learn how to play an active role in your community. You will also create a deeper understanding and sense of your identity and your place in the world.

You will explore how communities work together on a local, national, and global scale. You will apply this by planning a project to help your own community, in a group with other students.

This subject will also help you learn about and build your emotional intelligence, social awareness, and leadership qualities. These relationship skills will help you succeed in the workplace, in further learning like university or TAFE, and in your personal life.


In this subject, you will improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in a broad variety of situations, so that you can collect and share information effectively.

You will analyse and interpret print, visual, spoken, digital and multimedia information, improving your ability to understand and create effective communications.

This subject will help you develop confidence in your written and spoken communication skills. This will prepare you to succeed in a variety of settings, including at work.


In this subject, you will develop logical thinking and reasoning, and the ability to solve everyday problems. You will explore math theories, covering numbers, measurement, shapes, and data.

You will strengthen your numeracy skills and apply this to real-world scenarios. You will learn to apply this knowledge in daily tasks, work, and the community.

Numeracy will prepare you for many important parts of life, such as personal budgeting, comparing purchase options, meeting tax requirements and planning.

Vocational education and training (VET)

Every VCE Vocational Major student also includes VET in their program. This gives you practical skills in an industry you’re interested in, and a head start on your career path.