About VET at school

Add vocational education and training (VET) to your senior secondary studies

Vocational education training (VET) is specific industry learning related to your interests and goals.

You can add VET to your studies while you're in year 11 or 12. Some schools let students start VET in year 10.

Where it will take you

With VET you can:

  • develop industry specific knowledge and skills
  • gain general skills needed for employment, training and further education
  • get credit toward completion of your VCE, VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) or Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC).

Some VET qualifications are available as a paid school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

How to get it

You can include VET in your VCE, VCE VM or VPC program.

You will study at your school or a nearby TAFE or training provider.

Your VET options

Your school may offer a variety of options, which could be provided in a VCE VET program. Many schools are offering more options in these categories:

* Scored pathway available

^ Unit 3 and 4 sequence available

Ask your school career counsellor about the VET options your school offers.

Apprenticeships and traineeships

You can start a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship as part of your VCE, VCE Vocational Major or VPC.

This allows you to gain on-the-job training, get paid, and work towards a VET qualification.

You'll develop vocational skills and the confidence that employers are looking for.

Talk to your school’s career counsellor about including VET in your VCE, VCE VM or VPC.

What you will get

  • A statement of attainment from your TAFE or RTO for units completed
  • A qualification, if completed
  • Credit towards the VCE, VCE VM or VPC.

Some VCE VET programs will also provide a score that contributes to your ATAR, if you're eligible for one.

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