School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Paid, on-the-job training for school students that leads to a qualification.

A school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SBAT) gives a student paid on-the-job training while they complete secondary school.

SBATs combine part-time employment with training toward a nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) qualification. Students can receive credit for their SBAT towards the VCE, VCE Vocational Major or Victorian Pathways Certificate.

The SBAT student, their parent and employer sign a training contract, and the student completes a training plan with a registered training organisation.

The student’s school must approve the SBAT, so the student can attend work and training during the school week.

SBAT jobs and benefits

SBATs are available in a wide range of jobs and industry areas including emerging technologies, health, hospitality, business, construction, engineering and community care.

SBAT are a unique way for students to:

  • make a start on their career before finishing school
  • get paid for time spent working and learning
  • get hands-on training that leads to a VET qualification and provides credit towards school
  • finish school with a competitive edge in the employment market.

Find out more

You can learn more and find local SBAT opportunities by talking to your school’s careers practitioner.

Head Start is a program that helps students in government schools find and make the most of suitable SBAT opportunities.

Find out more about Head Start.