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Building a positive relationship with your child's school

To help make sure that your child feels supported at school you must work with the school to create a supportive environment. This will also help meet your child's learning and wellbeing needs.

Getting involved gives your child confidence and helps them feel in control of their education.

Respectful Behaviours in the School Community Policy

The Respectful Behaviours in the School Community Policy defines standards of behaviour for all adult members of the school community. It also defines unacceptable behaviours and consequences for such behaviours. This helps to ensure schools are safe, supportive and respectful places for work and learning for all students, staff and other adults.

Read the new policy to learn more about the behaviours that help create strong, collaborative relationships and what behaviours are unacceptable in schools, or download the poster below.

For an Easy English version of this policy see:

Build a positive relationship with your child's school

Support is available to help maintain positive relationships in school, including:

Extra parenting support services and resources

Share your story

Victorian schools are safe places for teaching and learning. School communities play an important role in creating a better environment for children to grow.

We are looking for stories to help raise awareness about how partnerships between parents/carers and school staff can benefit children.

The stories could focus on the different ways that you have collaborated with your child's teachers to support your child to reach their goals, which could be:

  • overcoming a fear
  • increasing self-esteem
  • realising their potential with a new interest or skill
  • becoming more engaged in their learning
  • any other outcome that positively benefits your child's learning, wellbeing or development.

The stories will be shared with school communities and on our social media channels to highlight the important role school staff and parents and carers play in supporting students to achieve their goals in social, academic, behavioural and co-curricular areas, through collaboration and the building of strong relationships.

How to submit your story

Share your story (about 200 words), and email it to us at

We'll contact the staff member and school before sharing any stories.

Reviewed 17 November 2022

Department of Education and Training

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