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Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways in schools

A priority set of 12 VET pathways in schools provides more options to match students’ strengths and interests.

Vocational education and training (VET) is an important part of many students’ senior secondary education. They can do VET as part of the VCE, the VCE Vocational Major or the Victorian Pathways Certificate.

VET develops industry-specific knowledge and skills, as well as general skills needed for employment, training, and further education.

VET gives students practical skills relevant to their many talents, and helps them work towards a formal VET certificate. This can range from Health Support Services to Building and Construction.

Schools are being supported to plan and deliver VET certificates. This means your child will have more VET pathways to choose from, which could include health, early childhood or engineering.

Schools across Victoria are improving access to a set of 12 priority VET pathways so students can select an option that matches your strengths and interests.

Talk to your school about which VET pathways are available to your child.

Priority VET pathways

These priority pathways reflect student interests and areas of industry need and jobs growth, putting you on a path towards success after school – in training, university or employment.

There are 6 priority pathways aligned to areas of high jobs growth.


  • Certificate II in Health Support Service
  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance (partial completion) incorporating Certificate III in Health Services Assistance*^

These certificates are in the VCE VET HealthExternal Link program.

Community Services and Early Childhood Education

  • Certificate II in Active Volunteering
  • Certificate III in Community Services incorporating Certificate II in Community Service*^
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (partial completion)^
  • Certificate II in Applied Language
  • Certificate III in Applied Language

These certificates are in the VCE VET Community ServicesExternal Link or Applied LanguageExternal Link programs.

Building and Construction

  • Certificate II in Construction Pathways^
  • Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship (partial completion)^
  • Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship)^
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)^
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies (Pre-vocational)^

These certificates are in the VCE VET Building and ConstructionExternal Link , PlumbingExternal Link or Electrical IndustryExternal Link programs.

Digital Media and Technologies

  • Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies
  • Certificate III in Information Technology*^
  • Certificate II in Integrated Technologies*^

These certificates are in the VCE VET Integrated TechnologiesExternal Link or Information and Communications TechnologyExternal Link programs.


  • Certificate II in Hospitality*^
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations*^

These certificates are in the VCE VET HospitalityExternal Link program.


  • Certificate II in Engineering Studies*^
  • Certificate II in Civil Construction^
  • Certificate III in Laboratory Skills*^

These certificates are in the VCE VET EngineeringExternal Link , Civil InfrastructureExternal Link or Laboratory SkillsExternal Link programs.

* Scored pathway available

^ Unit 3 and 4 sequence available

Flexible VET pathways

There are 6 flexible pathways, chosen to reflect the diverse reasons students undertake VET.


  • Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation^

This certificate is in the VCE VET AutomotiveExternal Link program.

Agriculture and Environment

  • Certificate II in Agriculture^
  • Certificate II in Horticulture^
  • Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management^
  • Certificate II in Animal Care^

These certificates are in the VCE VET Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land ManagementExternal Link or Animal CareExternal Link programs.

Hair and Beauty

  • Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics
  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant Certificate III in Beauty Services^
  • Certificate III in Make-Up^

These certificates are in the VCE VET Hair and BeautyExternal Link program.

Creative Industries

  • Certificate II in Creative Industries
  • Certificate III in Screen and Media*^
  • Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology^
  • Certificate II in Music
  • Certificate III in Music (Performance)*^
  • Certificate III in Music (Sound Production)*^
  • Certificate III in Dance*^

These certificates are in the VCE VET Creative and Digital MediaExternal Link , Applied Fashion Design and TechnologyExternal Link , Dance External Link or MusicExternal Link programs.

Sport and Recreation

  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate III in Sport and Recreation*^

These certificates are in the VCE VET Sport and RecreationExternal Link program.


  • Certificate II in Workplace Skills
  • Certificate III in Business*^
  • Certificate II in Small Business (Operations/Innovation)^

These certificates are in the VCE VET BusinessExternal Link or Small BusinessExternal Link programs.

* Scored pathway available

^ Unit 3 and 4 sequence available

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Reviewed 20 January 2023

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