How to use the Premiers’ Reading Challenge application

Find information and resources to help you take part in the challenge and navigate as you progress through each step.

Find information for students, parents, schools and early childhood services on taking part in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge, using the Challenge application.

Support pages

Taking part in the Challenge

Setting up the Challenge

Administering the Challenge

About the Challenge application

The Challenge application is the IT software program that teachers, early childhood services and other staff members use to set up and administer the Challenge. For example, activating students and managing book reviews.

Students (and parents) can use the application to take part in the Challenge. For example, adding a book to your reading list, or writing a booking review.

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Technical issues

For technical issues, check with local technicians that your system settings or firewalls are not preventing access.

Report technical issues with the online system to

Emails should include:

  • what you’re trying to do
  • the problem you’re having
  • details of any error messages.

You can also call 1800 641 943 to report technical issues.

Challenge coordinators and teachers

Use the support links on this page to help you administer the Challenge.

For other requests email

Students and parents

Contact the Challenge coordinator at your school if you have issues using the Challenge application.

Early childhood services and parents

Contact the challenge team if you have any issues using the Challenge application at