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Tutor Learning Initiative

Information about engaging tutors in Victorian government schools and eligible non-government schools to provide students with targeted learning support.

  • [Daniela Bird, Learning Specialist, Melton West Primary School]

    Melton West is a fairly large primary school, we’ve got about 500 kids, a very diverse range of nationalities, abilities and it’s just a really fun place to work at.

    So the Tutor Learning Initiative Program is where we pull students out of the classroom, their regular program and intensively work on some of the gaps that they’ve had in their learning.

    [Kathy Cvitkovic]

    Our focus is on reading. We believe that reading is a fundamental skill for life so therefore that’s what our focus is.

    [Vedaant, Program participant, Melton West Primary School]

    I can finally understand why the author wrote the book because when I used to read, it felt boring, I can’t find out what was happening. Now I can find out what the author is trying to tell me and I can understand what’s going on in the text.

    [Kathy Cvitkovic]

    I’m seeing focus, a real focus on their learning. I’m seeing ownership of their learning. I’m seeing students interacting a lot more energetically with each other and with their teachers.

    [Liz Darwish, parent, Melton West Primary School]

    My son went from being very shy and reserved and standing in the corner to putting his hand up and willing to participate and coming home knowing the days of the week and months of the year. So it was wonderful to see.

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Over 2021 and 2022, the Victorian Government invested a total of $480 million in the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) which enabled all Victorian government schools and eligible, low-fee non-government schools to engage thousands of tutors to provide extra targeted learning support to the students who struggled most during the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Victorian Government is investing a further $258.4 million to extend the initiative, allowing Victorian schools to retain the tutors who gave such profound support to students throughout 2021 and 2022.

How the initiative works

The initiative is consistent with Australian and international evidence that demonstrates effective learning intervention can be achieved through tutoring or small group learning support.

Government schools and eligible non-government schools receive funding to engage tutors. Students are supported by tutors at their school site.

Schools determine how to put the initiative in place, based on the needs of students and the school. This includes the engagement of tutors, student support, and hours of work.

Information for prospective tutors

Government and non-government schools will recruit tutors as needed.

Information about becoming a tutor in a government school, including eligibility requirements and how to register your interest, is available on Tutor Learning Initiative: information for prospective tutors.

Information for parents/carers

Parents and carers can find information about the initiative on Tutor Learning Initiative: extra learning support for your child.

Implementation guidance and resources for school leaders, teachers and tutors

Implementation guidance for government schools is available on the TLI Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) pageExternal Link .

The guidance includes information about:

  • funding
  • tutor recruitment
  • student selection
  • intervention models
  • small group learning.

For resources to support the identification of students, refer to the implementation checklist for school leaders on the PAL resources pageExternal Link .

School leaders, teachers and tutors can access professional learning webinars on ARC Tutor Learning Initiative professional learningExternal Link .

The Tutor Learning Initiative HubExternal Link (@education email account required) provides professional learning modules for government school tutors. The modules include small group teaching skills, curriculum planning and assessment resources.

Reviewed 08 February 2023


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