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Trade Training Centres in Schools

Australian government program to help address skills shortages in trades and emerging industries.

The Australian government’s Trade Training Centres (TTCs) in Schools program addresses skills shortages in trades and emerging industries.

Schools with Years 9 to 12 were eligible to apply for up to $1.5 million to construct new or upgrade existing facilities and/or to purchase trade training equipment.

In Victoria, schools across sectors were supported to form clusters, to pool their funding to develop larger facilities offering a broader range of VET certificates.

The program was a partnership between the Australian government and each state and territory, as well as the Catholic and independent school sectors’ national education authorities.

Over the life of the program, the Australian government has committed funding of $322.8 million across 74 Victorian TTCs involving 279 secondary schools. 40 of these TTCs are led by a government school. The program started in March 2008.

Managing a Trade Training Centre

TTC manual

A manual for TTCs with guidance on how to manage a centre, develop a business strategy, have effective governance, build partnerships with industry, and manage costs.


Marketing guides and material

Training kits


Video promotion campaign

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