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Inclusive space improves wellbeing at Chelsea Heights Primary School

Chelsea Heights Primary School recently built sensory gardens and outdoor learning areas to support students with disabilities.

With support from the Inclusive Schools fund, the main school hall has transformed into the June Elliot Centre.

The centre has an open indoor and outdoor area, which includes a new multi-purpose sensory space, new accessible toilet and interactive floor 360-degree projector.

The centre also accommodates offices for psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and visiting teachers.

Watch the new sensory facilities for Chelsea Heights Primary School video on YouTube.

Emotionally healthy students

Student wellbeing is a key part of Chelsea Heights Primary School's culture. Ms Satchwell says the space, which is available to all students, promotes healthy development of children's emotional self-regulation.

'Chelsea Heights Primary School's approach is to ensure that all students, whatever challenges they are facing, are fully integrated into the classroom, maintaining a climate of inclusion for all students,' Principal Jane Satchwell says.

She says that children and their families highly value the new programs and spaces. From feedback from families, Ms Satchwell observes that students' social and learning abilities have improved since the opening of the centre.

'Our programs and the new space are supporting our students to build and maintain self-regulatory strategies to manage anxiety, frustrations and the organisational skills, which impact student learning at all levels of ability,' Ms Satchwell says.

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