Board certified behaviour analyst pilot project

Building the capability of student support services staff to help students with complex behaviours.

There is a need in schools to support students with behaviours of concern. As a result, we are implementing the board-certified behaviour analyst (BCBA) pilot project throughout Victoria.

There are currently no places available in the BCBA pilot project.

Aim of the project

The pilot aims to build the capability of student support services staff. These staff conduct and implement behaviour assessments and interventions.

A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) will lead the support staff and help them build their capability.

The pilot has a state-wide target of providing support to 80-100 cases by December 2018.

By the end of March, more than 100 pre-referrals had been received.

We are currently focusing on progressing these cases where possible.

Supporting students with complex behaviours

Use these resources to help support students with complex behaviours:

Schools can also get advice through student support services

What applied behaviour analysis involves

The Behaviour Analysis Certification Board has released a video overview of the discipline of applied behaviour analysis

Board-certified behaviour analyst

A BCBA is a board-certified behaviour analyst who has a graduate-level degree, certification, and advanced training in behaviour analysis from a University program accredited by the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board.

BCBA’s are professionals that work in a variety of settings (schools, homes, agencies, clinics, and other community-based environments) and with a variety of clients to teach new skills and/or change existing behaviours of concern.

In addition to being independent practitioners, BCBA’s supervise the work of others who implement behaviour-analytic interventions.

All BCBA’s are required to obtain a passing score on the BCBA exam.

Online resources

Understanding behavioural principles and other online resources can be accessed by emailing our contracted service provider STAR autism support. To request access to additional resources, please email your full name, school name and school area to

Implementing the token board system introduction video on the STAR autism support website.