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School to Work

This program supports access to work-based learning opportunities, so students can develop employability skills and make informed career choices.

The Victorian Government funds Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) to deliver the School to Work program.

As program providers, LLENs work with local employers, industry partners and schools to improve students’ access to work-based learning opportunities.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning opportunities supported through the School to Work program include:

  • work experience
  • structured workplace learning (SWL)
  • school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBATs) for non-government school students
  • workplace visits and industry tours
  • life skills programs and work-readiness activities.

Work-based learning helps students to:

  • understand how their education prepares them for work
  • understand employer expectations
  • develop employability skills
  • make informed pathway and career decisions
  • stay engaged with and complete secondary schooling.

Some work-based learning is part of vocational education and training (VET) programs. VET programs can be part of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), including the VCE Vocational Major, or Victorian Pathways Certificate.

Government schools receive SBAT support from the Head Start program. LLENs work together with Head Start hubs to support work-based learning for government school students.

Find work-based learning opportunities

School staff and students can use the School to Work Portal to search for opportunities.

Employers from all industries work with LLENs to publish opportunities on the portal.

You can search for opportunities by location, industry or course.

School to Work Portal

Local Learning and Employment Networks

LLENs are independent organisations that support employers, local education and training providers, businesses, industry groups and community agencies to connect with schools

There are 31 LLENs operating in Victoria. You can find the location and contact information of your nearest LLEN on the School to Work Portal’s LLEN List.

To learn more about the work LLENs do, visit the VicLLENs website.

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