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Australian Early Development Census conferences and events

Find materials from previous conferences and events

The Victorian AEDC Forum, was held on 25 March 2021. This virtual event focused on

  • the value of data provided by the Australian early development census (AEDC) for teachers, schools, and their communities
  • how policy makers use longitudinal data to create change
  • the influence of academics and local areas who have responded to the results over time.

Recordings of the event are available at AEDC Victoria forum 2021(opens in a new window).

The National AEDC conference 'Trends in Child Development' was held virtually in 2021.

The National AEDC conference ‘Learning from the Australian Story’ was held in Melbourne in 2018.

The Horizon forum 'Advancing Social and Emotional Learning in School' was held in Melbourne in 2017.

The National AEDC conference 'Linking data to action in Schools, Communities and Governments across Australia' was held in Adelaide in 2015.

The AEDC symposium 'From knowledge to action' was held in Melbourne in 2014.

To access presentations from these events refer to AEDC updates and conferences advancing the science and practices of social and emotional learning in schools (DOCX, 40KB).