Responding to emergencies and natural disasters in schools and early childhood services

We ensure schools and early childhood services are prepared for emergencies and natural disasters.

Emergency management plans

Every school (government and non-government) and early childhood service has an emergency management plan that outlines responsibilities, procedures and actions in the event of an emergency.

Parents should be familiar with the details of the emergency plan for their child’s school, kindergarten or child care centre, and raise any queries or concerns directly with the school or early childhood service. Parents are also advised to ensure that their contact details, including mobile phone numbers, are up-to-date.

Schools have also had access to curriculum resources to assist in preparing students for the threat of emergencies.

We are committed to ensuring all schools and early childhood services (including kindergartens and child care centres) are as ready as possible for dealing with emergencies including natural disasters. The safety of children and staff is paramount.

Resources about emergencies, natural disasters and extreme weather

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