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For students

Tech Schools are a high-tech space where you’ll learn how to solve real-world problems using new technologies and STEM skills.

What to expect

Tech School programs can run for a single day or over multiple days. They may involve one or more visits to the Tech School, as well as time in your school classroom.

When you arrive at the Tech School, you’ll head to the learning space, where Tech School staff will explain what you’ll be working on for the day. This will usually involve solving a real-world challenge, which may relate to topics like entrepreneurship, renewable energy or robotics.

You’ll then work in small groups to analyse these challenges and brainstorm ideas. With the support of expert staff, you’ll use advanced technology to bring your ideas to life and test how well they work.

Hands-on access to high-tech equipment

Tech School programs let students take the lead as thinkers, designers and creators.

At a Tech School, you can take on real-life challenges and design solutions which work towards a more smart, sustainable and ethical future. Experts guide you to explore your interests and provide any support you need.

Tech Schools give you the tools to turn the ideas you imagine into solutions you can touch and see. Using the latest industry technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality, you’ll be able to build, test and refine your ideas.

Build skills and explore pathways

There’s something for everyone at a Tech School, with programs covering a range of topics from space exploration to futuristic fashion design. Programs allow you to develop your existing interests or discover something new.

Tech School programs give you a look at some of the great careers that are available in local industries, and show you how you can follow these pathways through education and training.