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Education Plans

Using a collaborative approach, Education Plans harnesses the knowledge, passion and expertise of local communities to improve students’ educational outcomes.

Education Plans adopt a ‘people and place’ approach to education, enabling decisions about local learners to be based on local circumstances and made in an integrated way.

Education Plans aim to transform education provision in a geographical area, involving a cluster of schools and partners, through tailored interventions. These interventions respond to the complex challenges impacting the achievement and wellbeing of children and young people in that area.

Education Plans identify and address community needs in partnership with local government, regional offices and other departments, and can involve:

  • early childhood services
  • government and non-government schools
  • Tech Schools
  • TAFEs and universities
  • local government and other government agencies
  • local businesses and industry
  • community and cultural organisations

These Plans can act as a catalyst for change within communities by collectively developing a shared vision for education, reflecting a local community’s needs, aspirations and priorities for educational change.

Implementation of Education Plans involves local-level strategies and actions over the short, medium and longer-term. Many involve supporting children, parents, families and carers throughout key transition stages in learning, resulting in stronger partnerships between educational services and local communities.

The following Education Plans are currently at varying stages of development and implementation: