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New and upgraded schools ensures every child has access to a high quality education that will prepare them for the 21st century.

A wave of new and upgraded schools across Victoria is ensuring every child has access to a high quality education that will better prepare them for the changing needs of the 21st century.

Not only is this meeting the needs of the state’s rapidly-growing population, but it has put Victoria at the forefront of global school design. Our schools are changing, making education more equal, inclusive(opens in a new window) and better able to develop the critical thinking, STEM literacy and new skills so important to our future.

Knowledge is evolving faster than at any time in history, and teaching is evolving accordingly. Traditional classrooms are being replaced with more flexible and dynamic spaces that support teachers to teach, and students to learn, in different ways.

They are being supported by 10 tech schools, where thousands of students are expanding their STEM experience on real-world challenges with leading-edge technology.

Schools are also enhancing their wider communities in new ways by sharing sports, health, cultural and other facilities with their neighbourhoods. This is delivering new community resources, bringing people together, engaging parents with their children’s education and building pride in government schools.

Visit the Victorian School Building Authority website to learn more and find projects in your area.