Get qualified to become a teacher

To become a school teacher in Victoria you need to get the right qualifications, register as a teacher in Victoria, and apply for teaching jobs.


To become a school teacher in Victoria you need to:

  1. Study and get the right qualifications
  2. Register as a teacher in Victoria
  3. Apply for teaching jobs

This page explains how to get the right qualification.

Study the right course

Most people will need to study for four years full time at a higher education institution. This is usually a university, but can also be some TAFEs and private providers. You can also study part time which will take longer.

Your study must include an approved teaching course. They are known as Initial Teacher Education courses, or ITE.

Most ITE courses specialise in becoming either a primary or secondary school teacher, but some courses cover both.

There are three ways you can structure your qualification:

  1. Study a four year teaching degree that has ITE approval. These are often called a Bachelor of Education.
  2. Study a double degree, which is two degrees at the same time. One of the degrees will be an approved ITE degree. Most universities offer this option over four years.
  3. Study a single degree first, like a Bachelor of Science or Arts. Then study a two year postgraduate course that has ITE approval.

To find an approved ITE course, refer to the Victorian Institute of Teaching: Accredited initial teacher education programs.

Scholarships and financial help

Every Victorian who enrols in a secondary school teaching degree will be eligible for a scholarship that pays them while they learn and can cover the entire cost of their studies.

The investments are part of the Victorian Government’s $229.8 million investment in the 2023 Budget Update to support the teaching workforce in Victoria.

Find out more about these budget announcements.

If you're in school

Teaching degrees have entry requirements which are different for each university. You may need to study certain VCE subjects to start the degree you want.

Your school's careers adviser can help you select the right subjects and tell you how to apply to university.

Entry requirements will be on the university or provider's website. For a list of approved courses and links to provider websites, refer to: Accredited initial teacher education programs

If you have vocational experience

There's an option to become a secondary school teacher if you:

  • have a certificate of technology or vocational trade
  • also have substantial industry experience of six to eight years.

In this case you can study an approved secondary teaching course, lasting at least two years. They are sometimes called an 'industry entry program'.

For more information on this option, see the Victorian Institute of Teaching: Qualifications policy

If you're a graduate, professional or want to change careers

Postgraduate studies

If you already have:

  • a bachelor degree, or
  • a diploma or higher education studies lasting at least three years

then you can study an approved two year postgraduate course in education to get the qualifications you need to become a teacher. Your previous study must be in an area that has links to the Victorian curriculum.

For a list of approved postgraduate courses, see the Victorian Institute of Teaching: Accredited initial teacher education programs

Teach for Australia

You can get teaching qualifications through the Teach for Australia program if you:

  • have a bachelor degree or will be awarded one soon
  • don't already have a teaching degree.

In this program you teach for two years full time in a low socioeconomic area. You receive full pay, professional development and coaching.

At the end of the two years you are awarded with a Master of Teaching (Secondary) (Professional Practice).

For more information, eligibility and to apply, refer to: Teach for Australia leadership development program

Schools can also apply to take on program participants. For more information, refer to: Become a partner school