Climate change adaptation action plan: Department of Education and Training

The 2022-2026 climate change adaptation action plan sets out how we intend to address the challenges of climate change.

Almost 2 million Victorians participate in some form of education and training every year. Climate change is already affecting where and how they learn. We have more very hot days and less rain. The bushfire season is longer than it used to be, and when the big rains come, they are more intense and may cause flash flooding.

While our education and training system is vulnerable to climate change, it is also fundamental to promoting innovation, embedding awareness, and building adaptation capacity.

Victoria's Climate Change Act 2017(opens in a new window) commits to net-zero emissions by 2050 and establishes a comprehensive 5-yearly framework to reduce emissions and ensure state-wide systems are prepared to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Under this framework, the Victorian Government has prepared adaptation action plans across 7 systems to guide adaptation efforts over the next 5 years. Together with the community-led regional climate change adaptation strategies, these plans are a major step forward in ensuring we are ready to respond to the changing climate.

Our education and training adaptation plan outlines risks and opportunities within the system in relation to climate change and new measures to build the system’s resilience.

Where we want to be

The plan proposes a set of actions that support our long-term goals to deliver:

  • resilience in children and young people while developing skills for the future
  • strong learning facilities and infrastructure
  • climate change adaptation skills in industry, business and community via education and training
  • a climate change lens embedded in our decision-making, policies and processes
  • health and wellbeing programs that protect the most vulnerable
  • an education and training sector with the capacity to respond to climate change.

Download the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

Education and Training climate change adaptation action plan 2022–2026
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Education and Training climate change adaptation action plan 2022–2026
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