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School Policy and Funding Advisory Council

Provides advice to the Minister for Education on regulatory, policy and funding issues that affect government and non-government schools.


The Council has 5 members:

  • Jenny Atta, Secretary, Department of Education (Chair)
  • Jim Miles, Executive Director, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria
  • Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria
  • David Howes, Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services
  • Chris Wardlaw, Independent Member, represents the views of students in all Victorian schools.

The Council meets at least 3 times each year. We provide secretarial support to the Council.

Ministerial orders

Non-government schools

The majority of Victorian students attend their local public school, including several schools that offer a choice between public and alternative curriculum models.

The non-government school sector provides education to 353,000 Victorian schoolchildren, representing approximately 36% of Victorian students (Source: DET February 2018 School Census; Statistics for Victorian schools).

These schools are diverse, serving a range of different communities. They may provide religious or values-based education, or be based on educational philosophies or different interpretations of mainstream education.

For information about:

The non-government school sector is represented by these stakeholders on the School Policy and Funding Advisory Council.

Statutory review

A review of the operation of Part 2.7 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 has been undertaken by the legislative requirement (Section 2.7.13) which included consultation with the School Policy and Funding Advisory Council.

A full report is available via:

Terms of reference

The Council operates under the following Terms of Reference, which are reviewed on an annual basis.